Nuno MoreiraZona

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Done between Tokyo and Lisbon, "ZONA" is a project that emerged directly from faded memories and notes from Nuno's dream-diary. After many sketches the project grew into a photographic documentation of different interior landscapes and situations.

ZONA explores both a mental and physical space - an attempt to represent the unconscious mind and the symbolic nature of archetypes. Always, with a heavy dose of poetry involved.

Nuno's previous work, "State of Mind", dealt with people absorbed and lost in their thoughts, in "ZONA" there's a necessity to delve deeper into this particular arena and see how we think and what are our fundamental fears and emotions.

The narrative of this series follows a live-performance and is somewhat similar to a dream experience – one feels both familiarity, intimacy and strangeness. 

The result is a sensuous, quiet and dark book, delivering images with a memorable cinematic quality.

Nuno MoreiraZona

Signed by Nuno Moreira


Photographs: Nuno Moreira

Texts: José Luís Peixoto




108 pages

14 x 21 cm

Hardcover clothbound

Offset Print (tritone)

First Edition

Edition of 300 copies 

ISBN: 978-989-20-6083-5

Nuno MoreiraZona