Eric Hattan & Silvia BächliWhat about Sunday?

96 pages. 14,5 x 19,5 cmBuy Now (17 €)Eric Hattan & Silvia BächliWhat about Sunday?

“This book is conceived as an informal rendezvous with sixteen different writers, invited to guide us through the artists’ meanderings around the New City of Milton Keynes. We are ushered into a noble night garden, under a velvety night embroidered with stars, towards an ocular ocean, even forests of language. We visit a wounded nature, between urban idiom and wilderness, where words are discarded and flowers reduced to collage-style memories, frayed at the edges. ‘Where’, we are reminded, is semi-detached to the ‘no’ of ‘no-where’. We see the reminiscences of a car and the contortions of a bureaucratic machine, whose cogs, at first rustling and stirring gently, are now clanking and jangling: why small windows and small gardens? We visit a place that performs as a metaphor for society but which is ultimately both the same and not the same. Finally, we understand: what we see is not what we see but what we are.” —Anthony Spira, 2012

Eric Hattan & Silvia BächliWhat about Sunday?

Authors: Eric Hattan & Silvia Bächli

Texts: Andrew Shields, Bera Nordal, Bruce Haines, Chris Fite-Wassilak, Edwin Burdis, Eva Kuhn, Harriet Zilch, J. Emil Sennewald, Jonas Storsve, Juli Kreten, Jürg Halter, Markus Stegmann, Nina Zimmer, Raoul de Keyser, Richard Wentworth, Samantha Bohatsch

Design: Astrid Seme



Mark Pezinger Verlag

96 Pages

14,5 x 19,5 cm

Offset Print

First Edition

Eric Hattan & Silvia BächliWhat about Sunday?