Andrea BasileoTutti Frutti

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In “TUTTI FRUTTI”, Andrea Basileo depicts an inclusive holiday camp for children, that takes place in different areas of the Italian speaking part of Switzerland. The program unites a group of nearly twenty kids where half of them are with disabilities. Participating as volunteer, during the experience the artist slowly grows the desire to describe into images what he was witnessing. The project, started in 2015, focuses on the daily moments of the kids. Rather than a description of the events, the book collects a set of suggestions, where it emerges pure joy and wild freedom.

Andrea BasileoTutti Frutti

Photographs and Text: Andrea Basileo

Editing and Sequencing: Andrea Basileo & Max Pinckers

Design: João Linneu & Fernanda Fajardo

Prepress: Pedro Guimarães

Production: Tiago Casanova and Pedro Guimarães

Assistant Production: Leila Kleemann and Spela Sivic

Proofread: Anastasia Parkin (EN), Zeno Ramelli (IT)

Printing: Gráfica Maiadouro

Binding: XYZ Books



XYZ Books

160 pages

16,7 x 21,8 cm

Offset Print
First edition

400 copies

ISBN: 978-989-53182-7-8


Institutional Partners:

República Portuguesa

DGArtes (Direção-Geral das Artes)

La Mobiliare

Città di Mendrisio

Andrea BasileoTutti Frutti