Vendula KnopováTutorial

112 pages. 32,5 x 22,5 cmSOLD OUTVendula KnopováTutorial

"Tutorial is the best of harddrive of my mum which had to undergo appropriate selection of shots showing home pets and natural disasters. My mum is called Lenka. She is a completely normal mum and casual user of a digital camera. It's sometimes enough to just remember certain moments, specially the less important ones.


I am Vendula and I belong to the folder Big Kids. My rile is a siblings' icon and a black sheep. But most of all I am an independent observer who remixes the final collection with situational shots. O have got 3 sisters and 3 brothers and we all live in solitary house in countryside. We don't have a Tesco Club card and Coca-cola is only bought on medical prescription."

Vendula KnopováTutorial

Photographs: Vendula Knopová

Addicional contributor: Lenka Jansová (Mum)
Design: DIP



112 pages
32,5 x 22,5 cm
Paperback binding with foil cover
Offset Print

300 copies
First Edition

ISBN 978-80-972014-9-4

Vendula KnopováTutorial