Carlos LoboThe Sonic Booms

23 x 27 cm. 2 VolumesBuy Now (40 €)Carlos LoboThe Sonic Booms

From the series “The Sonic Booms” created in 2008, in celebration of 40 years of May 68, this book marks the end of the series in which Carlos Lobo pays homage to the ideal of revolutionary movements, the relationship between youth and music and revolution.

Inspired in several archive images, ranging from May 68 to Prague Spring, these two volumes are a beautiful tribute to utopia and belief in a better world and of how young people are the most important driving force of change.

The book is limited to 100 copies and it consists on two volumes.

Carlos LoboThe Sonic Booms

Artist: Carlos Lobo




2 Volumes

23 x 27 cm
First Edition
Edition of 100 copies


Carlos LoboThe Sonic Booms