Claudio GarrudoSubstantivo Feminino

40 pages. 22 x 22 cm.Buy Now (35 €)Claudio GarrudoSubstantivo Feminino

"Substantivo feminino" is a numbered and signed handmade edition of 100 copies. Includes the work "Substantivo feminino" and a text from the galician curator Vítor Nieves, organizer of Outono Fotográfico photo festival.

The book has twodifferent covers: the odd numbers have black cover and are sewn with black line and the even numbers have white cover and sewn with white line. 22x22cm, 40pages + cover, printed in Munken lynx, with dust jacket in fine paper curious translucent.

Claudio GarrudoSubstantivo Feminino

Signed by Claudio Garrudo


Photographs: Claudio Garrudo
Text: Vítor Nieves

Design: Leonel Duarte

Printing: GMT

Binding: Carapau Amarelo



40 pages
22 x 22 cm
Hardcover (Hand-made)

First Edition

Edition of 100 copies

50 copies in Black / 50 copies in White

Claudio GarrudoSubstantivo Feminino