Eva SaukaneRoots

Signed, 38 visible pages, 23x15 cmBuy Now (35 €)Eva SaukaneRoots

Roots is a photo-art book, telling a family-story through the childhood memories of now a grown-up woman, the artist, Eva Saukane. The book consists of an unedited roll of film, which Eva Saukane discovered inside her grandfather's camera. Having stood untouched for about 20 years, mold had grown into the film, blurring the images similarly as time does to our recalled memories. When Saukane found the camera with the film inside, the film had two exposures left to be taken. Unknowingly completing her grandfathers work, Eva Saukane took the remaining shots and brought the film to be developed. She discovered the mysterious effect, and the ambiguous story of the family began to unravel.

Eva SaukaneRoots


Glue binding with fore-edge fold (Japanese binding)

38 visible pages

Duotone printing

23x15 cm


First edition of 800 copies

ISBN 978-91-984059-0-3


Design: Janne Riikonen

Printing: Narayana press, Denmark

Binding: Büge, Germany

Eva SaukaneRoots