Valter VinagrePosto de Trabalho

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"The photographs that I present in the series "Posto de Trabalho" [Work Station] don't show people, but it is of people that they speak. We have here ephemeral constructions and spaces that shelter and hide underground labour activity.


These images focus upon a form of prostitution, the one that is perhaps the hardest, most dangerous and least dignified for both the workers and their clients. Any discussion of roadside prostitution necessarily implies a reflection on the public/private because it is practised  far from the gaze of prying eyes, in the seclusion of the forest inside improvised shacks. This series was photographed in Portugal between 2010 and 2013." Valter Vinagre

Valter VinagrePosto de Trabalho

Signed by Valter Vinagre


Photographs: Valter Vinagre

Text: Jaime Rocha
Book design: Joana Durães e Mariana Veloso


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104 Pages

24 x 26 cm

Offset Print

First Edition

ISBN 978-989-99063-1-0

Valter VinagrePosto de Trabalho