Inês D'OreyPorto Interior

172 pages. 21,3 x 26,6 cmSold OutInês D'OreyPorto Interior

Inês d´Orey’s Porto Interior assembles a group of photographs of interior public and semi-public spaces, which are in continuous use, in the city where she lives.

When empty, and highlighted by an absence of people, these spaces, apparently stagnant, become generic spaces, subsisting in a lost time. 

In this way, each photograph becomes a stage for a story that is always different. 

The aim is not to document the spaces themselves, but to explore the possibilities and impossibilities of an inner port, where one arrives and where one stays.

With texts by the Whitney C. Johnson, director of photography of the New Yorker magazine and by the art historian and critic Maria do Carmo Serén.

Inês D'OreyPorto Interior

Photographs: Inês D'Orey

Texts: Whitney C. Johnson, Maria do Carmo Serén



Fernando Machado

172 pages

21,3 x 26,6 cm

Offset Print

First Edition

ISBN 978-989-96992-3-6

Inês D'OreyPorto Interior