Beni BischofPlayful Subversion

480 pages. 18 x 11 cmSold Out Beni BischofPlayful Subversion

#wtf. Playful Subversion was specially conceived by Swiss artist Beni Bischof for his first Austrian solo exhibition at Fotohof Salzburg, and it does exactly as the title suggests. It is a practical, highly entertaining vade mecum that blends together the great icons of the culture industry. The cosmos of images – a high-contrast panorama of our postmodern media culture – generates a subversive maelstrom, the pull of which is difficult to escape. The contrast of black-and-white reproductions not only deconstructs and profanes the odd hero or two; it also creates a wide diversity of associative spaces for our own prurient appropriation.

Beni BischofPlayful Subversion

Concept: Beni Bischof

Design: Beni Bischof, Samuel Bänziger, Olivier Hug



480 pages
18 x 11 cm
Offset Print

First Edition

ISBN 978-3-902993-18-2

Beni BischofPlayful Subversion