Tiago CasanovaPearl

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Pearl* Hard object that grows around a grain of sand or other foreign matter as a defensive measure of certain molluscules.


Pearl is a book about Madeira Island, nicknamed as “The Pearl of the Atlantic”, a highly touristic place known for its Nature and its unique Laurisilva Forests. Tiago was intrigued by this phenomenon of natural transformation of a living being through the creation of a non-living hard object, that turns out to be a very rare and valuable object, referenced as an example of beauty. So, how subjective can beauty get when a bizarre defensive measure turns out as a model of beauty? This book is about this relation between the subjective senses of beauty and ugliness and how the line between both senses is so thin and insignificant, working on this specific place, the Pearl of the Atlantic.

Tiago CasanovaPearl

Signed by Tiago Casanova


Photographs: Tiago Casanova
Edit and Sequence: Vanessa Winship, George Georgiou, Tiago Casanova
Book design: Tiago Casanova
Prepress: Pedro Guimarães
Binding: Tiago Casanova
Silkscreen: Carapau Amarelo
Cover Artwork: Pascal Ferreira


XYZ Books

128 pages
18 x 22,7 cm
Hardcover (Hand-made)
Offset Print

First Edition

ISBN 978-989-99063-0-3

Tiago CasanovaPearl