Pancho GuedesPancho Guedes nunca foi ao Japão

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Pancho Guedes has never been to Japan - Journeys through the photographic archives of A.d'A.M. Guedes


With Pancho Guedes the travels multiply, overlap, dilate. As in the ideal space of dreams, there's no logic articulation of the itineraries. The presentation of photographic records, made over more than six decades, presents unique perspectives of different places, and reveals the universality of the aesthetic and critical relationship that Pancho Guedes always established with what was around him.

The book “Pancho Guedes nunca foi ao Japão” is a result of the project Pancho Guedes Viagens, developed by José Luís Tavares e Lucio Magri in partnership with ESAD – School of Arts and Design of Matosinhos, and financed by DGArtes – Direcção-Geral das Artes /Government of Portugal – Culture Secretary of State. Other supports: Asante Sana Private Game Reserve, Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA, Sociedade Missionária da Boa Nova.

Pancho GuedesPancho Guedes nunca foi ao Japão

Photographs: Pancho Guedes
Authors: Pancho Guedes, José Luis Tavares, Lucio Magri, João Faria

Texts: Marilyn Martin, Eduardo Brito, Mia Couto



356 pages
16,8 x 23,2 cm
Offset Print

English / Portuguese

First Edition

ISBN 978-989-99060-1-3

Pancho GuedesPancho Guedes nunca foi ao Japão