Filipe dos Santos BarrocasO corpo neutro

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The author explores the referent’s neutral body in the photographic image and the result of his research is this set of narratives, each one built from the family’s portraits and in dialogue with other authors. He tells in particular the story of a man and a woman. Although they are not a couple. He is her grandfather and she, a child in these images, is now the author’s mother. On the back of one of her pictures he read: “Vimeiro 1968”. It is on the Portuguese west coast. Where the battle with the French took place in the early nineteenth century and, it seems, his family’s vacation destination. An expected and distant place, where cool and salty waters meet and Saturno Island punctuates the horizon. A granitic island situated in the Atlantic Ocean, half a dozen miles from Cabo Carvoeiro. In Vimeiro’s horizont, where the grandfather taught the child to swim. An event which was witnessed by the father’s photographic apparatus and testified today by the pictures in the family’s album.

Filipe dos Santos BarrocasO corpo neutro

Project: Filipe dos Santos Barrocas

Texts: Ana Pais
Translation: Renato Jacques




160 pages

14,8 x 21 cm

First Edition

ISBN 978-85-919553-0-5

Filipe dos Santos BarrocasO corpo neutro