Ulrike LienbacherNude, Pensive

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Ulrike Lienbacher’s new book is all about viewing the naked body. The title stems from a postcard she found showing a pin-up girl on a bed, lost in contemplation, and entitled nude, pensive. Lienbacher’s book reflects the many aspects of nudity: as an ancient motif in art history in the new house-of-cards images and photographs from the figure drawing class at the Academy to the (naked) body as an object for the pornographic gaze. The richly illustrated volume contains new drawings, preceded by a block of black-and-white photographs of body studies, and previously unpublished photographic works – museum scenes, still lifes and interiors

Ulrike LienbacherNude, Pensive

Photographs: Ulrike Lienbacher

Texts: Elke Krasny, Thomas Trummer

Edition: Hemma Schmutz, Salzburger Kunstverein



128 pages
30 x 24 cm
Offset Print

First Edition

ISBN 978-3-902675-77-4

Ulrike LienbacherNude, Pensive