Leon KirchlechnerNowhere

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"With no horizon, one’s view into the distance is impeded. Scanning, searching, one’s gaze comes to a standstill in Leon Kirchlechner’s photographs. The eye may slow, but it doesn’t find repose. The peace is not contemplative: it is restless. The restricted field of view has a narrowing effect. It makes the room strangely dislocated, denies me the geographical coordinates that would give me a feeling of safety. And so, even as the onlooker, I remain dislocated in the usually centrically, often symmetrically composed images. I can’t make sense of this centrality. Nor is it reassuring. Although it gives me pause, it doesn’t offer anything for me to grasp. It’s not the enjoyable, thought-provoking stillness that many works of art inspire. Rather, it’s an oppressive, constricting stillness, one that causes alarm. (...)" (Prof. Ulrich Fleischmann)

Leon KirchlechnerNowhere


Der Greif Verlag and Dienacht Publishing

64 pages
22 x 30 cm

Offset Printing

First Edition

ISBN 978-3-00-041744-3

Leon KirchlechnerNowhere