Luca DesiennaMy Dearest Javanese Concubine

112 pages, 18,5 x 27 cmBuy Now (65 €)Luca DesiennaMy Dearest Javanese Concubine

Love story of the 21st century. Two social outcasts in far, far Indonesia find a way to love each other regardless of their backgrounds: Tira Yohanes Soepomo, a 48 years old transsexual who identified as female, and Dayang, a throw away person, unemployed with no family.


“The two met while living on the streets of the Muslim city of Jogiakarta in Central Java. They shared a life together in a basic six square meter squat that became the centre of their universe. Tira contracted HIV, the deadly virus that hides invisible in the blood, like her ineffable desires and emotions. Dayang loved Tira regardless of the virus; together they shared a lust for life and the courage to be themselves. The couple allowed Luca Desienna into their lives and trusted him to make this respectful and intimate portrait of their relationship. Luca’s photographs honestly penetrate into the moments of their wild, and sometimes raw love making. It’s a passionate portrait of joy and pain, suffering, and ultimately of Tira’s death.”
(taken from Peggy Sue Amison’s essay to the book)

Luca DesiennaMy Dearest Javanese Concubine

Photographs: Luca Desienna

Text: Luca Desienna & Michael Ackerman

Design & Editing: João Linneu & Myrto Steirou




112 pages

18,5 x 27 cm

First Edition
Limited Edition of 100 numbered copies - signed

Cloth Hardcover & Sewn bound

Luca DesiennaMy Dearest Javanese Concubine