Krzysztof PijarskiLives of the Unholy

144 pages. 20 x 13 cmBuy Now (25 €)Krzysztof PijarskiLives of the Unholy

The Lives of the Unholy are a visual archaeology of the city of Warsaw, an attempt at looking closely at the phenomenon of the destruction of monuments in Poland in times of political transformation. Today the fact that Warsaw was rebuilt after the war as a promise of a social utopia is practically invisible. Its post-war roots have become hieroglyphs. This book is an attempt at a visual reading of the city’s hidden grammar, of the mute language it speaks.

Krzysztof PijarskiLives of the Unholy

Photographs: Krzysztof Pijarski
Texts: Waldemar Baraniewski, Krzysztof Pijarski

Design: Krzysztof Pijarski



144 pages
20 x 13 cm
Offset Print

First Edition

Edition of 500 copies

ISBN 978-3-902675-92-7

Krzysztof PijarskiLives of the Unholy