Yury GudkovKeep an eye on what you see

128 pages. 18,5 x 25 cmBuy Now (35 €)Yury GudkovKeep an eye on what you see

The continuous process of taking pictures of everyday life engenders the documentation of ambiguous ritual. As a result, its original duration and meaning could hardly be restored. In a sequence of images, the captured scene becomes autonomous and looped so it can’t be recognized as part of personal experience of seeing. The strange units that were put together form unexpected interactions with various forms, objects, phenomena. This allows thinking about totality of Seeable, about inability to ignore perception as such.


This project is about unsolvable situation that takes place between continuous contemplation and the process of monotonous surveillance. I started my thoughts from the idea that any experience is inevitable. This allows me to talk about the simple act of looking that brings unexpected results as discovery eyesight’s dependence on Seeable.

Yury GudkovKeep an eye on what you see



128 pages
18,5 x 25 cm

Digital Offset Print

First Edition

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Yury GudkovKeep an eye on what you see