José João SilvaBissauians in China

200 pages. 24,6 x 19 cmSold OutJosé João SilvaBissauians in China

José João Silva traveled to Guinea-Bissau in West Africa to explore and question the limits of truth and objectivity, of the colonialism and intercultural exchange, and of art and journalism. 'Bissauians in China' is divided into two parts - The first part shows a collection of 55 photographs staged and accompanied by fictional subititles. The second part explains the production process with pictures of props and the team, including a diary and a letter that analyze and reflect on Bissau.

José João SilvaBissauians in China

Photographs: José João Silva

Design & Artwork: Carlos Guerreiro

Printing: M2



200 pages

24,6 x 19 cm

Semi-Hard Cover

Offset Print
First edition
Edition of 500

José João SilvaBissauians in China