Island GravityEspionage

96 pages. 15 x 21 cmBuy Now (18 €)Island GravityEspionage

'Espionage' depicts a day in the life of an amateur detective, as she investigates a crime taking place in the city's contemporary art museum. While she looks for leads and for the mystery's closure, flashbacks of her own unsolved past repeatefly distract her from the task.


This book is a narrative experiment with images and short texts. By combining pictures from multiples devices (smartphones, DSLR, analogue and archive), taken over an extended period of time, the collective aims to bring a sole story to life from many unrelated events.

Island GravityEspionage
Authors: Francisca Soares and Pietra Galli
96  Pages
15 x 21 cm
40 copies 
Island GravityEspionage