Valentina SeidelEigen Brot

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Valentina Seidel’s new work entitled Eigen Brot features portraits and still-lifes of creative outsiders within our society. She photographed sculptors, poets, painters and bon vivants living on the margins of our general awareness. Seidel is fascinated by the artistic collaboration with people for whom individuality and their own artistic practice are part of the expression of their personality. The photographs were taken over a period of four years in an intense, process-based dialogue with the persons portrayed, in their living environment. - Seidel’s photographs are complemented by a novella written especially for the book by writer Kathrin Schmidt entitled Die Mechanik des Kniefalls.

Valentina SeidelEigen Brot

Photographs: Valentina Seidel

Text: Kathrin Schmidt

Design: Janine Thaler / Sehsam



96 pages
31 x 23 cm
Cover folder with text booklet
Offset Print

First Edition

ISBN 978-3-902675-93-4

Valentina SeidelEigen Brot