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“This book contains images of places and people I have known for a long time, some related by blood, others not. Also, places and people who know those that I know, and people I don’t know in places I have known for a long time. You are the way you are in your own environment. Relatives are an integral part of your genetic environment, and so your immediate environment is always made up of people you are not related to but who become your relatives. Indeed the people, places and landscapes of your personal environment are always the most photographed motif in the world. Once you have been in a particular environment for a while, it becomes your “home”, your “relationship”, your “family”, your “cemetery”, your “prison”, etc. Perhaps one’s personal environment is four-dimensional: the three dimensions of space plus the fourth dimension, i.e. the emotions inherent to that living environment.” (P.K.)

Paul KranzlerBrut

Photographs: Paul Kranzler

Text: Franzobel

Edit by: Rainer Iglar, Michael Mauracher



128 pages
24 x 30 cm
Offset Print

First Edition

ISBN 978-3-902675-34-7

Paul KranzlerBrut