Christina McBrideBound

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Bound is the outcome of a collaborative journey undertaken by Christina McBride a visual artist living in Glasgow and Roberto Bravo, a writer from Mexico City. The concept of Aporia, provided the starting point of a journey which involved the artist and writer travelling together through Patagonia. Originating in the Greek, Aporia can mean a number of things, which includes a philosophical puzzle, a state of perplexity and doubt, and also that which is seemingly impassable. It also refers to a situation where contradictory positions are presented simultaneously but are equally plausible. The Patagonian landscape is an area of extremes and contradictions and provided a rich and challenging location in which to expand and interrogate their ideas.


Christina McBride produced a series of photographic images using a range of analogue cameras.  The text of Roberto Bravo chronicles their journey through Patagonia, reflecting on the mythical, socio-political and historical specifics of the land they pass through. Woven through the text are references to a number of   writers who have been informed by this place, most notably Pablo Neruda and Nicanor Parra. Their work was also impacted by an unexpected but significant event took place during the course of the journey when the car they were traveling in was involved in a car crash outside Santiago. The book will include an introduction by Tacita Dean. 

Christina McBrideBound

Photographs: Christina McBride
Texts: Roberto Bravo

Introduction: Tacita Dean

Design: Martin Ridgewell



112 pages
21 x 29 cm
Hardcover with dustjacket
Offset Print

First Edition

ISBN 978-3-902993-19-9

Edition of 800 copies

Christina McBrideBound