Jesús MadriñánBoas noites

92 pages. 21 x 27 cmSold OutJesús MadriñánBoas noites

“Boas Noites” records nightlife in rural villages of Galicia, treating each subject as part of a community and revealing through portraiture all kinds of social and psychological connections. Gestures, attitudes and expressions are directly drawn from what each subject choose to show or hide, without any mediation or conditioning on the artist’s side. Thus, this is a youth devoid of any idealization. Selected archetypes are gathered here in search of a general impression of a space in time.

Jesús MadriñánBoas noites

Signed and numbered by Jesús Madriñán


Photographs: Jesús Madriñán
Texts: David Pérez Iglesias
Translations: Thomas Mallet, Helena Miguélez Carballeira
Concept: Jesús Madriñán, Cibrán Rico, Suso Vázquez

Edit: Cibrán Rico, Suso Vázquez
Design: desescribir



92 pages
21 x 27 cm
Offset Print

350 copies
First Edition

ISBN 978-84-940115-5-9

Jesús MadriñánBoas noites