Various artistsAlmost True

52 pages, 15 x 21 cmBuy Now (55 €)Various artistsAlmost True

Artist book by various artists, as part of the "Image and Sound Workshop" project in collaboration with Temps Zero.

Various artistsAlmost True

Photographs: Dušana Baltic (Hr) • Ivan Blazhev (Fyrom) • Alexandre Christiaens (Be) • Blerta Kambo (Al) • Tomasz Laczny (Pl) • Elsa Laurent (Fr) • Mélanie Patris (Be) • Larissa Riahi (Fr) • Éric Rumeau (Fr) • Danai Simou (Gr) • Damien Sivier (Ch) • Marc Sterkendries (Be) • Nai Wenhsu (Tw)

Sound: Dr Mike Blow (Uk) • Giorgos Gargalas (Gr) • Timothy Isherwood (Ca) • Mohammed Rowe (Uk) 
 Michael Ackerman and Stéphane Charpentier




52 pages

15 x 21 cm

First Edition
Edition of 100 copies


The publication is contained in an embossed box with a digital sound system

Various artistsAlmost True