Nadja BournonvilleA conversion Act

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Prompted by an interest in narrative, Berlin-based Swedish artist Nadja Bournonville has worked extensively on the phenomenon of hysteria.


In her latest artist’s book the fragmentary traces of this highly elusive pathology provide the motivation for creating a discrete world of images consisting of photographs, drawings and prints depicted by the artist in often surrealistic image constructs that blend fact with fiction. Of her work method, the artist says: “My work focuses on this act of transformation, the spectacle, the staging, the attempt to document and size up the body through photography, the subliminal erotic aspect, and the all in all shaky framework as medical theory.”

Nadja BournonvilleA conversion Act

Artist: Nadja Bournonville

Texts: Karin Johannisson, Christina von Braun, Dorothee Elmiger

Design: Joachim Bartsch



96 pages
28 x 19,5 cm
Offset Print

First Edition

ISBN 978-3-902675-74-3

Nadja BournonvilleA conversion Act